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Roarsome science week activities for primary schools

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Inspire your children with roarsome animal handling activities during Science Week

Lion Learners animal handling sessions are tailored to the Science Curriculum.

With British Science Week creeping up on us (6th – 15th March), we thought it a good time to remind all you teachers how Lion Learners can help bring the Science Curriculum to life with our workshops.

We visit many primary schools throughout the year, working with children from every year group.  We can work to your requirements and fit in with your topics, and we do have ready made workshops to cover the animal objectives from the Science Curriculum for every Primary School year group.

Recent Lion Learners visits to primary schools

Recent school curriculum visits include a Year 1 class who had been learning about animals in the sea, and were moving on to learn about African animals, to cover their learning objectives on Classification and Habitats.  Amongst others, they met some herbivorous mammals, and two reptiles, one a carnivore and the other an omnivore.  Every child got involved with handling the animals, and most even held a mega minibeast!  We looked at some stick insects and some giant millipedes, both of which would live in the Rainforest, but one up in the trees and one down on the ground.

We visited a Year 5 class near Scunthorpe who were learning about life cycles and were very enthusiastic about their ‘Beast Creator’ topic.  Minibeasts are fantastic at demonstrating their intriguing life cycles and students are often able to see examples of some of our insect eggs, and varying life stages.  The students were very interested in seeing our mealworms and the adult beetles.  They met hissing cockroaches, giant land snails, giant millipedes and stick insects and we almost managed to get every pupil to hold a creepy crawly!

Make your school’s Science Week roarsome

Get in touch with your nearest Lion Learners presenter to find out how we can help your school to make your Science Week activities absolutely roarsome!

If you’re looking for more inspiration for British Science Week, check out their website for activity packs and ideas.


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