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Michala covers: West & South Yorkshire
including: Barnsley, Wakefield, Pontefract, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield.


Michala covers: West & South Yorkshire, including Barnsley, Wakefield, Pontefract, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield.

Michala and her animals visit schools, nurseries, parties, care homes and events. Michala has always shared her life with animals, and after 17 years working in hospitality, joined Lion Learners to combine her love of animals with her passion for working with the public.

Michala says:

“I I love taking my animals to meet such a variety of people, and giving people the opportunity to handle them and discover facts they may not have known. This doesn’t feel like a job to me, more of a hobby.

I love all of my animals; they are all my pets and are part of my daily life. But Holly the corn snake is a real cutie, she is amazingly calm and gentle with everyone. When people meet all the animals, I love seeing how their opinions change. At the beginning, they love the cute fluffy ones, but by the end, they love the reptiles and creepy crawlies too”.

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1 x 1-hour session: £140 (suitable for one class)
Full day: £400

1 hour experience: From £150

Nuseries, Childrens Centres, Libaries, Clubs & Care Homes
1 x 1 hour: £130 Discounts available for multiple sessions.

From £140. Prices depend on the event, notice given, time of day and day of the week. Please contact us for a quote.

‘Some areas may be subject to a small fuel surcharge.  Please get in touch with us about this’.

Animal Activity Licence – all presenters keep their animals in their own homes, and have been inspected and had a licence to keep and train animals for exhibition issued by their local authority.  Michala’s licence number is PRU160727 issued by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Public Liability – all presenters are insured up to £5 million.  Please ask if you need a copy of our certificate.

DBS – all presenters hold enhanced DBS certificates.

PAT testing – any electrical equipment we may use is PAT tested on an annual basis.

Click to view or download our Lion Learners Terms & Conditions.

To contact Michala, please use the contact page form, or you can contact me on the details below.

Michala Smith
Telephone: 07512783587
Email: michala@lionlearners.co.uk


To contact Michala please use the contact form, or the details below.

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View our animals

Zena & Zelda the Giant African Millipede

Hello, our names are Zena and Zelda and we live at Lion Leaners in Barnsley. Zena is the one which is slightly smaller and more confident Zelda is a little bigger.

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Stefan the Bearded Dragon Lizard

Stef is a friendly cheeky lizard who sometimes doesn’t like to sit still for strokes but would rather have a walk around and see what everyone else is doing. He likes to have your wiggly finger stroke him down his back.

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Zig & Zag the Giant African Land Snail

They are so funny to watch the way they poke their eyes out to be nosey and how far their bodies can come out of their shell. They can also eat so much food.

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Millie the Mini Lop Rabbit

Millie is small but a very cheeky bunny who loves cuddles and attention and tries to hop off her cushion when we aren’t watching!

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Harry the Lion Head Rabbit

Harry is very fluffy and cuddly, he loves sitting on his cushion to get lots of strokes and cuddles.

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Jack the Tortoise

Jack is a very cheeky tortoise, he always wants to be looking around and is very inquisitive, he taps his head and shell on his tank when he wants to come for a walk around the house. He loves to be fed a cucumber.

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Snap, Crackle and Pop

They are very easy to handle by anyone and are very calm boys. As pets, they are very easy to take care of and require less fuss then some of our other pets.

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Rubble is a very cute and calm guinea pig who will sit on his special cushion and let everyone give him a cuddle and stroke, if we listen quietly we can hear him talking to us – it’s so cute.

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I live in a big hutch with a run attached so I can eat all the grass. I like lots of hay to hide in and keep warm. In the winter, I like to live indoors as I don’t have a thick coat to keep me warm.

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Holly the Corn Snake

I live in a vivarium which is a perfect size for me as I don’t like to live in an environment which is too big for me. It has a special light which keeps me nice and warm a bowl of fresh water.

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Spinderella the Red Hair Chilean Rose Tarantula

I live in a tank in a warm room with a type of soil which must be kept dry, I have a pretend plant which I like to hide in and a cave which I hide away in too. I also like to live on my own.

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Rose the Chilean Rose Tarantula

I live in a glass tank in a warm room with a type of soil which must be kept dry, I have branches and wood which I like to climb on and a cave which I hide away in too. I also like to live on my own.

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Timmy The Ball Python

I live in a vivarium with a heat bulb which keeps me nice and warm, it doesn’t give out light as I like to live in the dark! I have a hide at either side of my tank and a branch which I like to rest on.

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