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Clare Giltrow

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Clare covers: Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire
including: Cambridge, Newmarket, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford, Chelmsford

Clare Giltrow

Clare covers: Cambridgeshire, Essex and Hertfordshire, including Cambridge, Newmarket, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertford, Chelmsford

Clare has plenty of experience working with animals and children. She has cared for rescued elephants in Thailand, built sanctuaries in Ecuador and been a bird of prey handler and demonstrator in the UK. She has also tutored GCSE Maths and English in the UK and taught English as a foreign language in Asia and South America. Conservation and animal welfare are crucial to Clare and most of her animals are rescued or rehomed – you can find out more about them below.

“Animals are amazing! I love all of mine to bits and find it impossible to choose a favorite. They each have their own unique personalities and it’s brilliant to watch people’s face light up when they interact with them. It brings learning to life in the best way ever!”

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1 x 1-hour session: £100 (suitable for one class)
Full morning: £200
Full day: £270

1 hour of entertainment: £130

Nuseries, Childrens Centres, Libaries, Clubs & Care Homes
1 x 1 hour: £100. Discounts available for multiple sessions.

From £100. Prices are flexible depending on the event, notice given, time of day and day of the week. Please contact us for a quote.

‘Some areas may be subject to a small fuel surcharge.  Please get in touch with us about this’.

DBS – all presenters hold enhanced DBS certificates.

Public Liability – all presenters are insured up to £5 million.  Please ask if you need a copy of our certificate.

Performing Animals Licence – all presenters hold a licence issued by their local authority.

PAT testing – any electrical equipment we may use is PAT tested on an annual basis.

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To contact Clare, please use the contact page form, or you can contact me on the details below.

Clare Giltrow
Telephone: 07812 157643
Email: clare@lionlearners.co.uk


To contact Clare please use the contact form, or the details below.


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View our animals

Sully the Fire salamander

Sully is Clare’s only amphibian – and what a beauty he is! His colours light up the room and he has a very sweet face and gentle nature.

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Stig the Leopard gecko

Stig loves to play hide and seek. He will squeeze himself into a tight space under a log and then pop his head up to say hello when Clare opens his viv.

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Shelly and friends the Giant African land snails

Shelly and her friends have lovely brown and cream cone-shaped shells and are still growing. The average shell length of this species of GAL is 12cm, though some have reached 20cm long!

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Rhubarb the African pygmy hedgehog

Rhubarb has quills along his top and a soft underbelly. He colour is called chocolate pinto. This means his quills are white and banded by dark brown with patches of pure white.

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Montgomery the inland bearded dragon

Monty’s light beige colouring with tinges of black and orange would blend in well with the rocks of central Australia. He has soft spikes along his chin (this is his beard) and sides of his body, which he can puff up to frighten things that scare him. It’s all for show as he’s a little softie.

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Milly and Molly the African giant millipedes

Milly and Molly are long and beautiful with lots and lots of wriggly legs. Milly is longer and jet black all over, Molly has brown stripes.

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Fire the Corn snake

Fire is an amelanistic corn snake – also known as red albino. This type of snake doesn’t have dark pigment. Fire has red eyes and orange and red patterns along her body. She is a constrictor snake, which means she would squeeze her prey in the wild, rather than bite it.

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Elvis and Buddy the Madagascan hissing cockroaches

They have beautiful tiger stripes along their back, emit a cool hissing sound and like to pretend to be Spiderman by handing upside down on logs.

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Edna Scissorhands

Edna has a very special ‘magic’ trick. Under a UV torch or moonlight, she will transform from black to glowing blue. It’s amazing to see!

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Dorothy the Chilean rose tarantula

Dorothy the Chilean rose tarantula is always very popular and has helped conquer kids’ and parents’ fear of spiders.

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Diego the Crested gecko

Diego is a little cutie who just loves to climb. He has the look of a prehistoric dragon but in miniature form, as he’s no bigger than your hand.

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Cornelia the Corn snake

Cornelia is a lovely, mellow snake who has been part of the Lion Learners family for a long time. She is about 15 years old. This is fairly old for a corn snake. In the wild, their lifespan is only 8 years, but in captivity this can rise to 20 years.

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Bolt the wonder tortoise

Bolt is a small tortoise with a dark shell. He’s got blunt claws for digging and climbing and a curved mouth for chomping on plants.

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Batman and Fluffy the Lionhead rabbits

Batman and Fluffy are two of the gentlest, friendliest rabbits you’ll ever meet. They love to snuggle up together and on people’s laps.

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Apple & Crumble the Guinea Pigs

They are sweet-natured, gentle and wonderful lap warmers! They rub each other’s noses to say hello, which is very cute.

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