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Rachael O’Neill

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Rachael covers: Yorkshire & Lincolnshire
including: Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull, Beverley, Lincoln, Doncaster, Rotherham, York & Selby

Rachael O’Neill

Rachael covers: Yorkshire & Lincolnshire, including Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull, Beverley, Lincoln, Doncaster, Rotherham, York & Selby

Rachael and her animals visit schools, nurseries, parties, care homes and events.   Rachael has a degree in Conservation and has been running workshops in schools for over ten years, previous to Lion Learners working with children to encourage wildlife within the school grounds. She has been with Lion Learners since 2012, and loves introducing young and old alike to her wonderful animals.

Rachael says about working with her animals: ‘Of course, I can’t admit to having a favourite animal, but I do love minibeasts; they have amazing life cycles and adaptations.  Invertebrates are important pollinators, they are a vital source of food for animals higher up in the food chain, and even play a role in medicine, so it’s great for people to experience some of these magnificent creatures close up, and realise that they’re not so creepy after all!  Of course, I love giving people the opportunity to meet and learn about my furry and scaly friends just as much!’.

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From £140 for a 1 hour session (suitable for one class) to £400 for a full day.

1 hour experience: From £150

Nuseries, Childrens Centres, Libaries, Clubs & Care Homes
1 x 1 hour: £130 Discounts available for multiple sessions.

From £140. Prices are flexible depending on the event, notice given, time of day and day of the week. Please contact us for a quote.

‘Some areas may be subject to a small fuel surcharge.  Please get in touch with us about this’.

Family Experience 

1 x 1 hour session for up to 8 people (includes children and adults: £130

Can be given as a gift voucher, makes an excellent Christmas present!

Animal Activity Licence – all presenters keep their animals in their own homes, and have been inspected and had a licence to keep and train animals for exhibition issued by their local authority.  Rachael’s licence number is AA34875 issued by North Lincolnshire Council.

Public Liability – all presenters are insured up to £5 million.  Please ask if you need a copy of our certificate.

Rachael runs Lion Learners North Lincolnshire as a sole trader UTR 273467015643

DBS – all presenters hold enhanced DBS certificates.

PAT testing – any electrical equipment we may use is PAT tested on an annual basis.

Click to view or download our Lion Learners Terms & Conditions.

To contact Rachael, please use the contact page form, or you can contact me on the details below.

Rachael O’Neill
Telephone: 07951 410367
Email: rachael@lionlearners.co.uk

Party Venues in East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire

If you need a venue for your animal party, have a look at some of our favourites. We can also come to your home.

Crafty Cat Play Cafe, Anlaby   A lovely venue for parties of up to 12 children, they even offer a package including our animals!

The Armstrong Centre, Beverley  A friendly venue with lovely party room options

World of Wonder, Oasis Hub, Hull  Includes a unique play area designed by children and a cosy separate space for the animals.

Wendover Hall & Paddock Hall, Humberston, Grimsby 2 halls to choose from, both with plenty of space!



To contact Rachael please use the contact form, or the details below.

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View our animals

Skinny Sam the Kenyan Sand Boa

Skinny Sam is absolutely gorgeous – he has beautiful orange and black markings and eyes close to the top of his head so he can peek out of the sand.

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Juniper the Rabbit

Juniper is super soft, and we love watching her racing around outside, she can be super speedy!

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Joey the Rabbit

Big Joey is just the best for cuddles, he has so much soft fur. He also likes to snuggle up to his wife Juniper.

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Smeagol the Blue Tongue Skink

Smeagol has smooth, scaly skin, a long body and tail, and little legs. His tongue is an amazing bright blue colour.

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Ruby the Corn Snake

Ruby is a lovely, laid back corn snake, so super good for handling, especially for people who are nervous. She’s also extremely pretty, we love her markings.

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Wayne the Vinegaroon

Wayne is fascinating. He’s an arachnid so he has eight legs like a scorpion or a spider. His superpower is squirting acetic acid!

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Lucy the Leaf Insect

Lucy the Leaf insect is absolutely stunning – such a vivid colour and such a wonderful example of camouflage. She is loved, even by people who do not like creepy crawlies!

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cockroach handling

Douglas & Dougal the Headlight Cockroaches

The Headlight Cockroaches are really quite cute. The males have a distinctive orange spot on top of their head which look like car headlights.

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Oreo the Guinea Pig

Oreo is the baby of the family. She’s unbelievably cute and just loves being looked after by the others.

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Midnight the Guinea Pig

Midnight is an absolutely beautiful guinea pig. Her shiny black fur is so sleek and lovely to stroke.

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Penny the Guinea Pig

Penny is so kind. She has really welcomed the two younger guinea pigs into the herd. She’s always the first one to get to the treats though!

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Tim The Tortoise

Even people who aren’t keen on reptiles and creepy crawlies, think Tim is cute! He has a little beak which he uses to chop at his food.

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Thor The Snail

We love how he does everything so, so slowly. Even when he sticks his eyes out to have a good look at us, he unfurls them very slowly.

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Alice The Millipede

Alice feels tickly walking on your hand! It is really nice to watch her legs moving along just a few legs at a time—they move in waves!

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Boris The Hissing Cockroach

Although his feet feel sticky he is very gentle when he crawls along your hand. We also love the noise he makes, he can be very loud!

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Gecko James

James is always on the look out for food. He can stay very still, but when he sees his food he moves all of a sudden and very quickly!

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Forest Scorpion Mrs Pincers

We love how she can make herself look very, very small, or can stretch out and use her claws and tail to make herself look much bigger.

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Corn Snake Francis

Francis is very pretty. He is calm and relaxed, and he puts people at ease if they are a bit un-certain about holding him.

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Mindy The Bearded Dragon

Mindy is a lovely lady. She is kind and gentle with everyone. She loves to be outside on a warm day and can take surprisingly good leaps in to the air when she sees a fly buzz by!

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