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Animal Experiences for Care Homes

We offer animal visits for care homes with the emphasis on allowing the residents to meet all the animals close up and have the opportunity to hold and stroke them.

Our animals receive a warm welcome in nursing homes; residents enjoy holding the snake, which for many is a first time experience, and many stories are told, especially as residents meet the rabbit or tortoise, as people remember their own previous experiences with animals.  Even our giant creepy crawlies have triggered memories of time spent abroad!

This is a fantastic care home activity and can be a very sensory and calming experience when residents are given chance to interact with the animals.

Our presenter will visit each resident in turn with each animal, answering any questions and sharing their knowledge, whilst encouraging and supervising the handling.  If it is more suited to you, we can run a presentation, usually an hour long, during which the residents will still have the chance to hold the animals. Residents usually meet six or seven animals during an hour long session.

We just require a small amount of space, and do not need you to provide us with anything for the visit, other than an electric socket. We do not leave any mess behind!

Here you can see an article from Care Industry News which will give you an insight in to one of our previous care home visits.

Animal Assisted Therapy is increasingly being used to help people with various health problems including depression, communication problems, dementia and cardiovascular disease.

Interaction with animals has been shown to help reduce blood pressure, release endorphins and encourage people to communicate.  Lion Learners provide Animal Assisted Activities which allow people to experience the benefits of interacting with animals in a social setting, although we are happy to work with people individually.

During a one hour experience, residents (and staff!) are likely to meet between six or seven animals, but it does vary depending on the group. Animals are likely to include rabbits, guinea pigs, snake, lizard and some weird and wonderful creepy crawlies.

Each presenter has their own animals, who live at the presenters’ home. To find out which animals your local presenter has, please visit their presenter page by visiting the Book Now page. Please feel free to make a request for a particular animal, and if it is possible for the animal to be there, then it will be.

See our Animal Welfare page for more information about our animals and how we care for them.

The price for a one hour care home visit is £100.

We do occasionally do special offers for care homes in certain areas.

Contact your local presenter for more information.

  • Friendly, professional animal assisted activities
  • Animals can all be handled by the residents
  • Great for the elderly, dementia patients, adults with physical and learning disabilities
  • Calming, sensory and therapeutic
  • Triggers conversation and memories
  • Easy to organise, we bring everything we need and leave no mess behind

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