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Kristan Harness

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Kristan covers: East Midlands
including: Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Burton upon Trent and Loughborough

Kristan Harness

Kristan covers: East Midlands, including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Burton upon Trent and Loughborough

Kristan and her animals visit schools, nurseries, parties, care homes and events.  Kristan is an experienced primary school teacher and long time animal lover; she joined the team in 2013 so she could combine her love for animals with her passion for education.  Kristan has animals from all over the world that she loves to share with others, young or old, for an experience you will not forget.

Kristan says: “I am lucky to live and work with an amazing team of animals.  They never fail to amaze everyone with their calm friendly attitude.  My lovely rabbits are great confidence givers that   encourage people to have a go at handling more unusual and exotic creatures.”

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From £140 for  a 1 hour session (suitable for one class) to £400 for a full day.

1 hour experience: £150

Nuseries, Childrens Centres, Libaries, Clubs & Care Homes
1 x 1 hour: £130 Discounts available for multiple sessions.

From £140. Prices depend on the event, notice given, time of day and day of the week. Please contact us for a quote.

‘Some areas may be subject to a small fuel surcharge.  Please get in touch with us about this’.

Animal Activity Licence – all presenters keep their animals in their own homes, and have been inspected and had a licence to keep and train animals for exhibition issued by their local authority.  Kristan’s licence number is 19/00244/EHEPA issued by Broxtowe Borough Council.

Public Liability – all presenters are insured up to £5 million. Please ask if you need a copy of our certificate.

DBS – all presenters hold enhanced DBS certificates.

PAT testing – any electrical equipment we may use is PAT tested on an annual basis.

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To contact Kristan, please use the contact page form, or you can contact me on the details below.

Telephone: 07873 796379
Email: kristan@lionlearners.co.uk


To contact Kristan please use the contact form, or the details below.

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Tango the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Tango is a beautiful and quite lively spider. He is friendly and happy to be handled.

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Phoebe the Cockatiel

Phoebe was hand-reared so she is very friendly with people. She is very calm and likes to sit on your arm, knee or head!

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Jasper & Henna the African House Snakes

African House Snakes are gentle and curious. They love to climb and use your fingers like tree branches.

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Winnie the Dwarf Hamster

Winnie is very gentle, curious and super cute. Even though he is small he is very trusting and happy to be handled.

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Mario & Luigi the Asian Green Toads

Mario & Luigi are brothers and they love to chase each other around and jump on each other. They are very funny to watch and excellent at bouncing.

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Thistle the Tenrec

Thistle is a very good-natured and friendly little creature. He is like a little hedgehog!

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Aurora the Bearded Dragon

Aurora is a very pretty colour. She can puff her chin out and make it dark if she is scared or cross.

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Raffy & Hector the Guinea Pigs

Raffy & Hector are friends with very different personalities. Raffy loves human company and Hector is a lively young piggy who has lots to say for himself.

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Percy & Remy the Guinea Pigs

Percy & Remy are best friends who do everything together. They’re like furry potatoes with little legs and round bodies!

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Oreo & Dolly the Rabbits

Oreo & Dolly are best friends. They are both very gentle and laid back making them easy for anyone and everyone to handle.

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Jupiter the Kenyan Sand Boa

Unusually for a snake, Jupiter’s eyes and nose are on top of his head, so he can still see and breathe when buried under the sand.

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The Fancy Mice

We are little creatures with shiny fur, big ears and a very long tail to help us when we climb.

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Cookie & Teddy the Rabbits

Cookie & Teddy are very friendly, gentle and super soft. They are happy to sit on their pet cushions on your lap so you can feel just how soft they are.

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Cleo the Leopard Gecko

Cleo is a beautiful, friendly and inquisitive lizard. Pet geckos can be lots of different colours, Cleo has a plain, yellow body and spotty tail.

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snake handling

Rio the Okeetee Corn Snake

Rio is a very beautiful snake. She is a lively and nosy girl who enjoys going to different places and meeting new people. My body is long and thin. I don’t have any arms or legs.

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Rayo the Red Foot Tortoise

Rayo is very cute! She is calm and friendly and will happily let you stroke her shell. At the moment I am very small! I have a smooth black and yellow shell and red spots all over my black legs!

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Autumn the Carolina Corn Snake

Autumn is a beautiful, calm and friendly snake. She is very nosy and likes to be out and about meeting new people.

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Blondie, Speedy & friends the African Land Snail

Hi, I’m Speedy the Giant African Land Snail. I live with lots of my friends here at Lion Learners East Midlands. Most of us were hatched here and we are growing up slowly. We aren’t giant yet, but we still have some growing to do.

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Millie & Morris the African Giant Millipedes

Millie and Morris are very friendly and easy to handle. They have amazing sticky feet that hold on to your hand!

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Basil & Sage the Hissing Cockroachs

A big creepy crawly! A hard, shiny, brown body. 6 legs. 2 big long antennae. The boys have 2 little horns on top of their head.

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Gwenevere the Crested Gecko Lizard

I came to Lion Learners East Midlands from my breeder when I was 4 months old and weighed just 4g! He was a Crestie lover who was able to give Kristan great advice on how to care for me and he had already got me used to being handled.

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Star the Chequered Garter Snake

I came to Lion Learners East Midlands when I was a tiny baby snake. I looked more like an earthworm than a snake back then! I have grown a lot over the years but I am still pretty small. I will continue to grow slowly for a few years yet.

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Tia the Chilean Rose Tarantula

I came to Lion Learners East Midlands from a real spider enthusiast two and a half years ago. I was chosen from a group of Chilean Rose Tarantulas because I am super calm, friendly and happy to be handled.

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Indie the Blue Tongued Skink Lizard

Hi! My name is Indie the Blue-tongued Skink. I came to Lion Learners East Midlands from a breeder when I was 6 months old. She had handled me and my brothers and sisters a lot so we learned when we were babies that people are our friends.

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