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Lion Learners animal experience parties are an exciting and unique event that a child will never forget. We can attend your party with our friendly animals and give an entertaining and educational party presentation. During the presentation we answer questions and give the children the chance to hold the animals, even the more exotic ones, and some amazing creepy crawlies!

The presentation typically lasts an hour during which we make sure every child has the opportunity to get involved with the animals.

There’s something for everyone, from fluffy rabbits and cute, cuddly guinea pigs, to the more exotic snakes, lizards and some terrifyingly tame creepy crawlies.

We can visit your party whether you have booked a venue or decided to celebrate at home.  There’s no need to worry about mess, we bring everything we need with us and leave nothing behind.  If you’re worried about space, please talk to us, we can usually make arrangements for everyone to be comfortable, not least the animals!  We are happy to do parties outside in fine weather in the summer months.


The animals available all depend on the presenter that is local to your location, you can see your local presenters by going to the Book now page.

The animals at your party may include:

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs
  • Lizards
  • Giant cockroaches
  • Giant snails
  • Snakes
  • Giant millipede

Plus more exotic creatures depending on your area.  Children will usually meet 7 or 8 animals during a one hour experience.  We cannot guarantee that a particular animal will attend because the welfare of the animals must come first, but if you would like to meet a particular animal, let us know, and providing there are no health issues, it will be there.  Most of our animals can be handled, but we may restrict handling of some animals by very young children, as some of the animals are very delicate.

See our Animal Welfare page for more information about our animals and how we care for them.

A 1 hour party experience starts at £150.

This normally includes travel, but in some areas, it is possible that a small fuel surcharge may apply.

Please mention your location when you contact us so that we can check that the travel costs will be included in the price.

Contact your local presenter for more information.

  • Birthday Parties – fantastic for any age, It’s always lovely to see how the children interact with the animals and encourage each other to get involved
  • Weddings – perfect for keeping the children entertained, and the adults too, the animals are a great talking point and allow for some interesting photo opportunities!
  • Christenings & Family Events – whether it’s Grandad’s big birthday, or you’ve got an important wedding anniversary party or christening coming up, the Lion Learners animals will keep everyone happy.
  • Parties For People With Physical & Learning Disabilities – brilliant for mixed age and ability groups and can be a very tactile and therapeutic experience. We are always happy to help anyone who needs more assistance in handling the animals.
  • Adults – Please don’t think you need the excuse of children to invite the Lion Learners animals along to your event. Perfect for a party or a well-being or team bonding exercise at work.

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