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Let your child get involved with their party food preparations

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Dear Lionel, I’m looking for inspiration on how to get my child involved in the preparation for their animal birthday party.

Putting together a perfect animal party can be hard work but it’s important to remember who the party if for. Your child will love getting involved with preparing for their big day. One way to do this is to get them involved with making some of the party food.

One simple idea is to have them help with decorating cupcakes. Or, since your child is having an animal party, how about making some animal biscuits?

I made the dough with my own paws. I then asked my friend Teddy to help me roll it out and cut out some shapes to decorate. Use your favourite recipe for the biscuit dough. It’s important that you are able to roll out the dough and that the biscuits don’t spread too much in the oven. A gingerbread type biscuit works best.

Cook the biscuits to the recipe and make sure they are cooled fully before starting to decorate. Teddy and I made butterflies because they are fun to decorate but you can make any animals you like to fit in with your animal party theme.

I made some icing and assembled lots of things to use as decorations. Then Teddy helped me to decorate the biscuits. He got creative with the different sweets and colours.
They are perfect for an animal party and they tasted great too!

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