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If you’re home schooling your children at the moment, let them learn about something they love . . . animals of course! On this page you will find videos about our animals, videos in which we give science curriculum lessons, and resources and activities to keep your children busy. The resources have been split in to each primary year groups’ National Curriculum requirements. However, resources for Year 1 and Year 2 will still be useful for your older children as this knowledge provides them with the foundation for later learning. Please feel free to use and share these resources as you wish.

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel

Find us on Facebook to watch our live videos on weekdays.

Click here to see the animals who live with your nearest Lion Learners presenter. Our animals hope to visit your school one day, or maybe even your birthday party!

Key Stage 1

The primary school science curriculum for Year 1 includes learning about animal classification – how animals are grouped in to these classes: mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. Year 1 children also learn about carnivores, omnivores & herbivores – groups that animals fit in to depending on what they eat. Moving in to Year 2, there is quite a strong emphasis on animals within the science curriculum. Children learn the differences between living things and dead things, and things that have never been alive, and about the basic needs of all animals. Their learning also includes gaining a knowledge of habitats and how animals live in a place to which they are suited, an introduction to simple food chains and life cycles.

Whilst at school, children will often study an animal related topic such as Rainforests or Africa to help aid their learning.  The Lion Learners animals regularly visit schools to reinforce this learning and provide the children with some hands on experience.

Resources for Year 1

Animal Bingo – a great game to play to reinforce learning about animal groups mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and minibeasts.  Download below.


Animal Groups Cut & Stick – this activity help reinforce your child’s knowledge of animal groups, by sticking the animal pictures in the right box.


Carnivores, Herbivores & Omnivores: stick the animals in to the correct boxes – are they plant eaters, meat eaters or both


Year 1 Videos

Classification is taught in primary school from Year 1.  What makes a mammal a mammal?  What do all reptiles have in common?  What is an amphibian?  Some of our lovely animals will help you to find out in these videos.

Meet the Mammals

Meet the Reptiles

Meet the Birds

Meet the Fish

Meet the Amphibians

Meet the Minibeasts

Herbivores – Meet the plant munching animals

Carnivores – Meet the meat guzzlers

Omnivores – They’re not fussy, meet some plant and meat eaters

Resources for Year 2

Living Things: Choose the correct answers to the questions: ‘What does a rabbit do to show us that it is alive?’ and ‘What does the rabbit need to stay alive?’


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