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Care home visits are back!

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Lion Learners is very excited to be visiting care homes again. All of our presenters’ love meeting the different residents, introducing our friendly animals, answering questions and sharing stories. It’s a rewarding experience for everyone!

Here are some of our favourite memories from our visits.

“At one care home I visit regularly the residents and staff are real animal lovers.  One lady used to work at a pet shop. My corn snake has triggered great conversations about a python she used to care for.  Another lady kept and bred rabbits and a gentleman used to show and groom dogs.  It is lovely to hear their stories and the memories my animals have helped them remember.”  

Kristan, Lion Learners East Midlands.


“Just before covid I was very honoured to be part of a resident’s 100th birthday celebrations.  They’d asked her what she’d like to do and she said she’d like an animal visit.  You never grow out of it!”

Rachael, Lion Learners, North Lincolnshire


“I remember one visit, there was a lovely man who had later stage dementia and was non-communicative. The carers said he used to be a vet and were hoping seeing the animals might trigger a positive reaction. I introduced him to a guinea pig and carefully placed the animal on his lap (on a cushion). The man’s eyes lit up straight away. He sat there gently stroking the piggie, a huge smile on his face. The carers couldn’t believe it as they’d not seen a reaction like this from him before. It was a beautiful moment and I’ll never forget it.”

Clare, Lion Learners East Anglia.


“I like visiting care homes because I love hearing the stories residents tell you when certain animals trigger their memories. Many people have had a tortoise or a rabbit and it brings back their memories of owning them. On the other side of this, it’s amazing when someone has got to 80 years old and it’s their first time touching or holding a snake!”

Michala, Lion Learners West Yorkshire


“I love how involved the staff often get, it can be a good bonding experience for staff and residents and gives them something new to talk about.”

Rachael, Lion Learners, North Lincolnshire


What you get from a Lion Learners care home visit

Amazing, unique experience

Residents will have the chance to meet and handle six or seven animals during an hour visit. Some of the animals are cute and fluffy, others feel scaly, hard shelled or tickly. But they’re all fascinating and sure to spark conversations and trigger memories.

Friendly, knowledgeable team

Our presenters start each session with a smile, quickly putting residents at ease. They love to chat, hear stories and answer questions. Patience is very important and our team have tonnes of it, ensuring everyone gets the most from the experience.

Peace of mind

You’re in safe hands with Lion Learners. Presenters are fully vaccinated and trained in covid safety. We are following strict measures and cleaning protocols to keep everyone protected, and will provide full risk assessments.


Book your care home visit

Would you like more information or to book a care home visit? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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