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A Roaringly Wild Idea For Your Nursery Christmas Party

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A Roaringly Wild Idea For Your Nursery Christmas Party!

Christmas is a crazy, wonderful and exciting time of year – but sometimes it can be hard to think of something different to do with your nursery kids.

Meeting Father Christmas is brilliant, but kids often do this with their parents outside of school. Reindeer are great but hard to fit in a classroom, and Christmas arts and crafts are always popular but done a lot. Maybe this year you’d like to spread the festive cheer with something extra special?

I have the very thing. It’s unique. It’s different. It’s awesome!

Introducing…the Lion Learners Christmas Interactive Animal Story, featuring Lionel the lion and lots of his fluffy, scaly and tickly friends.

In the story, Lionel gets a bit forgetful and forgets to label his presents. He needs the children’s help to work out which present belongs to each animal.

The children will be able to meet and handle all the animals in the book, including a rabbit, guinea pig, snake and lizard – and give them their right present!

It’s great fun for everyone – and the kids will be talking about it for ages afterwards!

The session is around an hour long and is the perfect Christmas treat for your nursery or school children.

Contact your nearest Lion Learners presenter to book or find out more.

Wishing you a roaringly wild Christmas!



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