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Lynn Hart

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Lynn covers: Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes
including: Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering & Luton

Lynn Hart

Lynn covers: Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes, including Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Kettering & Luton

Lynn and her animals visit schools, care homes, nurseries, clubs and events. Lynn has worked in education for over 20 years.  She is passionate about animals and has volunteered for many years for animal charities and rescue centres. Lynn’s animals, which are from all over the world, are mainly from rescue. They now live happily as pets in the family home in a small village between Market Harborough and Northamptonshire. Lynn covers Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

Lynn says: “I feel so lucky to work in education with animals.  Seeing how my pets bring pleasure to people’s lives is so amazing.  Whether it’s stroking a guinea pigor learning about and handling a snake, or minibeast; it’s a real pleasure to see the effect that animals have on children and adults alike”.

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1 x 1-hour session: £120 (suitable for one class)
Full morning: £200
Full day: £300

1 hour experience: £140

Nuseries, Childrens Centres, Libaries, Clubs & Care Homes
1 x 1 hour: £100 Discounts available for multiple sessions.

From £100 for an hour long session. Prices are flexible depending on the event, notice given, time of day and day of the week. Please contact us for a quote.

‘Some areas may be subject to a small fuel surcharge.  Please get in touch with us about this’.

Animal Activity Licence – all presenters keep their animals in their own homes, and have been inspected and had a licence to keep and train animals for exhibition issued by their local authority.  Lynn’s licence number is LN/202000065 issued by Daventry District Council.

DBS – all presenters hold enhanced DBS certificates.

Public Liability – all presenters are insured up to £5 million.  Please ask if you need a copy of our certificate.

PAT testing – any electrical equipment we may use is PAT tested on an annual basis.

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To contact Lynn, please use the contact page form, or you can contact me on the details below.

Lynn Hart
Telephone: 07985 555754
Email: lynn@lionlearners.co.uk


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Kayda the Bearded Dragon

Kayda, is a lovely friendly young lady. She is well behaved and gentle with everyone. She loves to sit on the windowsill on a sunny day.

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BunBun & Bluey the Giant Rabbits

BunBun and Bluey love to be together, as they are now bonded and best friends. It is important for most rabbits to live with another for company.

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The Leaf Insects

Leaf insects are amazing to look at, as they look so like a real leaf that it is hard to spot them. Not only do they look like leaves, they will freeze or stand so still that you could easily mistake them for a leaf on the tree.

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The Stick Insects

The Stick family are really popular with children and adults. People find it hard to believe that they are actually insects, and everyone loves to watch them walk gently across their hands.

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Pinky & Perky the Fancy Rats

Pinky and Perky are domesticated fancy rats (Rattus norvegicus domestica). Pinky is an albino / red eyed white and perky is the black and white.

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The African Soft Furred Rats

Snap, Crackle and Pop are still young and need a lot of space to climb, hide and run. They have a large rat cage, where they love to climb to the top and sleep in their hammock.

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Gaston the Crested Gecko

Gaston is a very handsome gecko, with his spiky eyelashes. His body is soft like velvet, and can change colour from a dark orange to a beige and brown colour.

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Rosie the Chilean Rose Tarantula

Rosie is a very pretty Tarantula with brown hairy legs and a pink tinged body. She has eight eyes, eight legs and two feelers (pedipalps)

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Vinny the Vinegaroon

Vinny looks like he is out of a Sci-Fi movie, with his long claws (pedipalps) and large feelers, that were once a pair of legs. Whilst Vinny looks like a Scorpion, he is really friendly and harmless.

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Spit & Spot the Indian Star Tortoises

Spit and Spot love dandelion and garden weeds that are washed carefully to ensure they do not have any chemicals on them. They also love to soak in their shallow water dish.

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Frank the Curly Haired Tarantula

Frank is a docile and friendly Tarantula with brown curly hair on his body and legs. He is still a young spider with growing to do yet, but when fully grown will reach around 15cm

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Monty the Royal Python

Monty is a carnivore and mainly eats large mice, or occasionally small rats.

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Peter & Jessica Rabbits

Peter and Jessica are very cute, but cheeky rabbits, who adore each other so much that they are rarely seen apart. They are real ‘foodies’ and come running over for their bowl of fresh greens each day.

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Sugar & Spice the Guinea Pigs

When they are happy, Sugar & Spice race around their enclosure and perform little jumps, which are commonly known as ‘popcorning’

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Slushy the Blue Tongue Skink

Slushy is an omnivore. He eats vegetables / fruit, insects, snails and meat, such as chicken, or eggs.

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Harry the Duprasi

Harry is adorably cute. He is a very calm and friendly gerbil who will happily sit calmly on your hand and let you stroke him. He sometimes falls asleep on his back, which is so cute!

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Kermit the Horned Frog

Kermit is a brightly coloured and typically a lazy frog who will sit all day and wait for his food to wander past his nose before leaping on it!

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Porsche & Clover the Tortoises

Porsche and Clover are very friendly, and really quite nosey tortoises. They stomp around the garden in summer looking for their favourite weeds, or basking spots.

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Milly the Milk Snake

Milly, is full of character, and very agile. She is stunning to look at, and yet because she is a little shy, it is always a happy moment to see her climbing the plants and branches in her enclosure.

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Mr Tickle the Giant African Millipede

Mr Tickle is a friendly and docile Giant Millipede. It doesn’t usually take him long to uncurl and begin investigating as he is really nosy and likes to see what is going on.

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Ant & Dec the Hissing Cockroaches

Ant and Dec are really interesting and actually quite beautiful insects. They have golden stripes along their backs don’t mind being handled.

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Giant African Land Snails

Speedy, Turbo and friends are fascinating to watch as they slide around their tank, popping their eye stalks in and out to explore.

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Spinderella the Red Legged Tarantula

Spinderella is a lovely docile and friendly tarantula. She can be quite lazy and sit for hours, or hide away inside her favourite hide (a coconut shell).

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Rocky the Forest Scorpion

Rocky is a shy scorpion and does not mind being observed, but does not like to be handled. His party trick is that he glows in the dark, under an ultra violet light.

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Rainy & Bowie the Rainbow Millipedes

Rainby and Bowie are very pretty, docile and fascinating to observe. It’s amusing to find the centre of a slice of cucumber eaten away in the mornings, as this is their favourite food.

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Sir Hiss the Corn Snake

Sir Hiss is a beautiful Amelanistic Corn snake, meaning a kind of Albino, lacking in black pigment. Sir Hiss is gentle and calm, and loves to be held, but does sometimes try to hide up your jumper sleeve to stay warm.

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Bubble & Squeak the Guinea Pigs

Bubble and Squeak are sisters. They re only four months old, so still growing. They are friendly and love to sit on their cushion on your knee and be stroked.

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Buzz the Bumblebee Millipede

Buzz is a very small and very pretty millipede, with yellow stripes and red legs. She is only young and has a lot of growing to do yet.

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Mr Chog the African Pygmy Hedgehog

Mr Chog is a cheeky cute hedgehog, who loves to run around his cage, and play with his toys. He is a bit of a greedy boy and loves his biscuits and mealworms for treats.

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