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Lion Learners Jack Rabbit ready for ChristmasLion Learners Animal Experiences have our very own Christmas story to share with your children, featuring our animals!  This is a perfect Christmas animal experience.

In our story, Lionel the lion is handing out his Christmas presents to all the animals, but the presents get a bit mixed up! Children will meet the real animals from the story, including lizard, rabbit, snail and guinea pig, and they will have the chance to hold and stroke them. The story ends well, with all the animals getting the right presents!

The session is an hour long, is suitable for up to 30 children to attend, and is a perfect Christmas treat, especially good for Early Years and KS1.  

The cost of 1 session for a school, nursery or party is £100. We can be with you for a full school day for £250. Book early to avoid disappointment, as we have limited availability in December in some areas.

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