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Lion Learners offer informative, memorable and exciting curriculum based animal handling in schools, tailored to your schools needs. We have animal handling workshops for Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3 and higher as an introduction to a topic, as a refresher or as an aid part way through. You can book us for one hour for one class or up to a full school day to visit several classes.  Feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

Lion Learners Snake Animal Handling in SchoolsSnake in School

Lion Learners have a wide range of animal handling workshops for your school to choose from and we are always developing new ideas. Current workshops include;

  • Science Curriculum workshops.
  • Animal handling workshops designed for Nursery & Reception.
  • Animal handling workshops designed for SEN
  • Topics such as 'Animals From Around The World', 'Rainforests' and other habitats, 'Minibeasts', Nocturnal Animals and more.
  • Animal Literacy workshops where children meet animals from their favourite books
  • Bring Phonics To Life workshops
  • Vocabulary and Creative Writing workshops.

The Lion Learners animals can help to bring many topics to life!  The emphasis is on hands-on learning.  

For more information please see below, and contact your local presenter if you have any further questions. You can also see the animals in our gallery or read what others have said about us on out news page.

For prices visit our prices page.

Lion Learners Presenter Alex and MillipedeScience Curriculum                                                                                                   

Lion Learners run workshops written by teachers, to cover the 'Living Things & Their Habitats' and 'Animals' objectives for each primary school year group.  This great opportunity for hands-on learning will have the children talking for a long time afterwards!

Children will meet a variety of familiar and exotic animals from around the world, and will be invited to hold and stroke the animals. The price of the workshop includes resources for use before the workshop and follow-up worksheets if you wish to use them.


Prior Learning - It would aid learning if the children have been introduced briefly to some of the terms which are required learning in the new curriculum.  We can provide more information about this when you book a workshop.  We can also provide profiles for some of the animals your class will meet during their session so you can get to know them in advance if you wish!

Follow-up Work - We can supply you with useful animal resources for primary schools to use after the session.

To make a booking, or if you have any questions, please contact your local presenter

Animals in Nursery & Reception Classes

Mobile Zoo Nursery Visit

For Reception classes we offer a 1 hour animal handling presentation broken up with educational and fun activities based on learning with the animals. As always with Lion Learners the emphasis is on allowing the children to meet  animals close up, interact with them and learn a little bit about them. Each session is:

- A great introduction to the topic, or development on work already done in lessons.
- Planned by experienced teachers.
- Involves a range of animals from around the world that pupils can interact with.

We have one basic presentation for Reception classes which is based on the National Curriculum. However, we are flexible and if there is a topic or part of a topic you would like us to include please discuss it with us.


Lion Learners Guinea PigsSEN

Our animal workshops for groups of SEN students are always enjoyable.  The sessions are very sensory. The students can feel the velvety soft fur of the rabbits, the rough, scaly skin of the lizard and the silky smooth snake. The brave ones can feel the soft tickle of the spiders feet on their hand, the cool, damp feel of the snail and the gentle grip of the millipedes many feet!  The guinea pigs are always popular with their squeaking, and the cockroach can surprise with his impressive hisssssssss!

SEN workshops for schools can also include animal stories, poetry and rhymes to encourage the children to join in even more.

Talk to us to discuss your individual requirements.  Session length and group sizes can vary depending on ability and individual needs.  Contact your local presenter to discuss your requirements.


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