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Rachael's Animals

animal workshops presenter with snake and child

Rachael and her animals visit schools, nurseries, parties, care home and events across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, including Hull, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Leeds, Sheffield and York.

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RockyRocky the Corn Snake

Rocky is very friendly and is always ready to play. He likes to slither all around when you are holding him, but he is very, very gentle.

Click here to find out more about Rocky.


Rabbit Rachael JemimaJemima the Rabbit

Jemima is very sweet-natured and gentle. Because of this, and her small size, she is really good for even the youngest of children to interact with.

Click here to find out more about Jemima


George head

George the Bearded Dragon Lizard

We love George because he is funny and very friendly.  He taps on the glass of his vivarium when he wants to come out for a walk.

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Rachael Millipede AliceAlice the Millipede

Alice feels tickly and sticky walking across your hand.  It is really nice to watch her legs moving along, just a few legs at a time, they move in waves!  

Click here to learn more about Alice


Guinea Pig Rachael NancyNancy the Guinea Pig

Nancy likes to look after her friends.  She lives with Nellie Guinea Pig, and always looks out for her.

Click here to learn more about Nancy


Guinea Pig Rachael NellyNelly the Guinea Pig

Nelly is very inquisitive.  She is fast, and races around her run in the garden, exploring everything.

Click here to learn more about Nelly


Hissing Cockroach Rachael BorisBoris & Boris the Hissing Cockroaches

We love the noise Boris & Boris make, they can be very loud. They make the sound by pushing air through their breathing holes (spiracles).

Click here to learn more about Boris & Boris



 Gecko Rachael JamesJames the Gecko

James the Leopard Gecko, is always on the look out for food.  He can stay very still, but when he sees food he moves all of a sudden and very quickly.

Click here to learn more about James


DSC 5058-1Sheila the Stick Insect

These stick insects are amazing.  They grow so fast!  Sheila is a Giant Prickly Stick Insect, or MacLeays Spectre, from Australia.  Sheila likes to climb on your clothes and dance with you!


FrancisFrancissss the Corn Snake

Francis is only a couple of years old, so still growing, and likes his food a lot!  He is very pretty, and very calm with the children.  He does like to get himself in to knots though!


TimTim the Tortoise

Even people who aren't keen on reptiles and creepy crawlies, think Tim is cute.  He has a little beak, which he uses to chop at his food.

Click here to learn more about Tim


Snail Rachael ColinColin the Snail

We love how everything Colin does, he does so, so slowly!  Even when he sticks his eyes out to have a good look at us, it takes him ages to unfurl them!

Click here to learn more about Colin


Rachael Cockroach AlfieAlfie the Cave Cockroach

These cockroaches come from South America.  We love how light and gentle Alfie is as he walks across your hand.

Click here to learn more about Alfie

Stanley & Arthur the Tailess Whip Scorpions

whip scorpion

 People are always amazed to see that Stanley and Arthur walk sideways, like a crab.  They have done a wonderful job in proving to people that arachnids can be harmless.  

Click here to learn more about Stanley & Arthur

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