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Library Events - Summer Reading Challenge 2017

corn snake round boys neckIf your library is getting involved with the Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge this year, Lion Learners have the perfect animal activity for your library to offer as part of your summer holiday fun.

Lion Learners will visit your library for a 1 hour animal experience session, with our friendly animals, who will teach us all about their own special skills.  

Children will have the chance to meet and handle our snake; his super sense of smell means he can track down any mouse, or man! The millipede will tickle the children's hands with her many legs; her skills are climbing and digging of course. 

There will be plenty of other animals to meet too, including the rabbits with their acute sense of hearing, and our spider whose eight eyes help her make sure you                                           will never creep up on her!

Summer Reading Challenge Animal ActivityThere will be story time, and activities to make sure the children have an hour of fun, which we really hope encourages them to read plenty of animal stories, and use their library to find out more about the wonderful world of animals!

 We have run many library sessions in the past, including for the Roald Dahl, Mythical Maze and Creepy House Summer Reading Challenge.  Our sessions are always well received:

guinea pigs being stroked'Lion Learners were so friendly with all the children, and made sure everyone had a chance to hold all the animals. and ask loads of questions' Moulton Library

"Thank you to Lion Learners for an AWESOME SRC session at Wickersley Library this morning!!! We all loved meeting Hermione the tarantula, Rocky the snake, George the bunny and friends! You've helped to make this Summer truly unforgettable!" Gemma, Wickersley Library.

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